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Happy with the baby tegu Posted by Jeremy Hodges on sixth Apr 2019 I at this time have an adult red/blue tegu and needed to get a little bit more substantial tegu. For some purpose the B/W are many of the most difficult to locate. I had been delighted to finally discover one particular here at Snake at Sunset. This is my to start with expertise with them and i'm constantly weary of on line reptile sellers. I took the plunge and purchased a person and questioned for a male. I understand many dealers, even experienced, do not know the way to sexual intercourse a tegu so I really didn't know What to anticipate.

Fortunately, now that reptile fans are far better educated, the crimson-eared slider has a better chance of survival in captivity. Since it is a substantial turtle and should be stored only by people who are prepared to give the proper take care of live baby turtles.

As being a tropical species, tegus would require warm temperatures for the duration of a lot of the calendar year Except they are increasingly being brumated (cooled) for reproductive biking.

Food and Drinking water Juvenile Argentine tegus is usually fed a food plan largely made up of gut-loaded crickets dusted with a calcium/vitamin supplement, as well as some other feeder insects for range, for example available mealworms and waxworms.

Predation by feral tegus may well pose a threat to Florida's endangered wildlife, like the Essential Largo woodrat and the American crocodile.[26] Due to their fruit consuming behavior, tegus may provide a significant ecological function by dispersing seeds by means of their droppings.[27] Taxonomy and evolution[edit]

Prevalent Medical problems  Calcium and phosphorous deficiencies are widespread in tegus, and like other reptiles, they're liable to parasitic bacterial infections, which tend to be only detected during a fecal Examination.

I requested a male and woman, plus the genders were being labeled over the containers. This was my 2nd acquire by way of Snakes at Sunset, and I would strongly suggest Other people to take action for his or her herps! Thanks!

love my new tegu Posted by Brian on 23rd May 2019 Tegu came fast and punctually, can’t complain animal appears to be like healthy delighted. Tegu arrived packaged nicely tegu has awesome shades.

A log or box for hiding need to be supplied and will be held a little damp with damp sphagnum moss, to help with shedding and as a source of humidity for the animal's natural environment. Likelihood is your tegu will invest almost all of its time Within this hiding spot.

S. merianae is known as the " black and white tegu" to distinguish it with the "Colombian black and white tegu", which is an additional title for the gold tegu. Unscrupulous or incompetent pet dealers often move off gold tegus as black and white tegus.

There are also Exclusive ‘basking lights’ readily available. Either style of sunshine ought to glow down on a particular basking area from outside the house the cage. The temperature less than The sunshine in the area during which the Argentine Tegu will be basking needs to be ninety five-a hundred°File. Hatchlings housed in smaller aquariums would require lights of reduce wattage, or even the aquarium temperature might grow to be also warm very quickly. Usually do not USE Incredibly hot ROCKS AS HEAT SOURCES.

Numerous compact species of aquatic turtles are thought of a dwarf turtle for sale. Also, some dwarf turtles for sale include things like the Razorback musk turtle, a single of numerous dwarf turtles.

That is fifty calcium worms (black soldier fly larvae) shipped WITH any Are living reptile purchase. We are able to suit up to TWO Of those within a box with the new Are living reptile, NOT other feeders

 These are generally true argentine tegus, unlike the florida wild caught mixes, as well as United get more info states of america captive bred that happen to be typically not recognised their origins.

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